The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) with the Advanced Architecture Group and the BUILD Solutions project partners are proud to announce the Design with Nature Contest, a global platform to experiment and rethink urban environments in response to today’s global challenges.

This Call aims to boost the reflection on how the integration of NBS in cities through technologies can generate innovative visions, methodologies, and solutions.

>> Can the use of technologies support NBS integration in cities with the final goal to enhance the provision of ecosystem services?
>> How can we strengthen social relations through the implementation of innovative NBS?
>> Will the technology-mediated implementation of NBS in cities lead to the development of innovative business models targeted at addressing current urban challenges?

This Contest is looking for innovative visions for the city of the future where design optimized to integrate nature can transform urban spaces into systems to live, produce, and restore the environment.

The proposals should comply with the following criteria:

> Being a design proposal, it should address one of the following scales: global, regional, urban, neighborhood, architectural, product design.

> Every proposal should be presented in three (3) vertical DIN A-3 panels

> The panels should contain the following information: title, short description, drawings. Optional: renders, pictures of prototypes.

> Proposals should be submitted in English.

> Panels should be anonymous. At the bottom right part of each panel, you need to insert a code of six mixed letters and numbers (which you will need to insert this code in your application form).

> Each panel should be submitted in PDF format. The size of each file must not exceed 1MB.

> OPTIONAL > Video: In addition to the 3 DIN A-3 panels, you have the option to submit a 1 minute (maximum) video to explain, in a few words, the key concepts of your proposal. Please use English subtitles even if you are speaking English. (It is not mandatory to speak in the video, you may also use text, images, animation etc). To submit the video: First upload the video to YouTube, then paste the YouTube link to the video section of the submission.