Creative Food Cycles Workshop3

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The mandatory radical change for the pursuit of sustainable development goals requires a positive and creative attitude to reinterpret the reality that surrounds us and the objects of everyday life. Among those, food waste represents a fertile field either for experimentation either for fully understanding the relationship between ethical elements and the new aesthetic dimension. Considering food waste as an opportunity to develop new products and materials is a revolutionary action and, like all revolutions, must be illustrated and made acceptable by an audience as wide as possible. The aim of the call is to explore the process that brings food from consumption to disposal, by offering new potentials meaning and spatial combination in design reinterpretation. In this regard, one of the main urgencies that architects, designers and artists are called to respond is how to configure new design and creative experiences from discarded products (from waste to resources) and include a wider public as possible in the process, making sustainable more compelling and more attractive.
Food Shakers | Food Remakers Workshop will investigate the after consumption phase of FOOD CYCLES and how design based on creativity and conviviality can express new interactive ways to enhance circular economy in everyday life activities. The aim is to explore experiences about FOOD WASTE as new material - from organic food waste to the creation of new industrial materials - or FOOD WASTE and food packaging for new products - from organic food waste to real product for consumers. Workshop participants will have the possibility to showcase the designed prototypes within the 2019 edition of SUQ Intercultural Food, Art&craft, Music Festival, that with its emphasis on Mediterranean food culture and performing arts, represents the opportunity to make this revolution comprehensible and acceptable to all, through the immediacy of the artistic language.
All participants are invited to submit a CV, a descriptive text of the project (max 2000 char.) by filling the following online form and to send a prototype concept by mail to: DAD, Department Architecture and Design, UNIGE Stradone Sant’Agostino 37, 16123 Genova (GE), in order to exhibit it during the SUQ Festival. The participation to the Food Shakers-Food Remakers Workshop is free of charge.

The Food Shakers |Food Remakers Workshop is part of the Creative Food Cycles (CFC) project co-funded, by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The workshop is lead by UNIGE Genova and supported by IAAC Barcelona and LUH Hannover.

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